Leridian Dynamics Announces the Smart Recirculation Control 3

Leridian Dynamics, Inc. today announced the release of the Smart Recirculation Control 3, a flow-activated pump controller that turns any hot water recirculation pump into an “on-demand” recirculation pump, resulting in significant energy and water savings.
The Smart Recirculation Control 3 and smartphone app have been updated to allow the user to see the temperature sensor and pump flow data in real time via the app’s “Live Data”TM feature and it implements “Smart Timers”TM that automagically disable when no flow is detected for 24 hours and re-enable when flow is detected, a convenient feature for vacation rentals.
“Domestic hot water recirculation systems reduce water consumption by ensuring a continuous supply of hot water at the tap, yet it takes a lot of energy to keep the water hot and circulating even when there is no demand,” says David Lehrian, President at Leridian Dynamics, Inc. “The Smart Recirculation Control 3 is the most advanced hot water recirculation pump controller available. It provides the on-demand comfort of our earlier pump controllers while adding features that ease installation, configuration and convenience.”
Features and benefits of the Smart Recirculation Control 3 include:
The Smart Recirculation Control 3 is available starting Jan. 4, 2021, starting at $209.95. For more information on the Smart Recirculation Control 3, visit https://www.smartrecirculationcontrol.com.
About Leridian Dynamics, Inc.: Leridian Dynamics, Inc. is an electronics design and manufacturing company located in Watsonville, California, and founded in 2015. It specializes in embedded microprocessor sensor and data collection applications.
Contact: David Lehrian​email: david@smartrecirculationcontrol.comphone: 831-761-8659
Source: Leridian Dynamics, Inc.