Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

Work from home opportunities are really available. There are also work at home jobs that are not scams. You can actually make money doing them. Most are not jobs that you can make loads of money on, however if you have certain skills you will find that the opportunities available to you are enough to pay the bills. Skills like accounting skills, clerical skills and phone skills are most likely to land you a quality job.
A lot of people believe that there are not quality work from home opportunities available. The truth is is that there are many companies that hire only people who work from home. There is usually a long waiting list for these jobs. If you find a legitimate company and you qualify to do the work then it is worth it to at least get on their list. If you find something else before they call you then that is good, however if not then you might have an opportunity at a decent job that you can do working from home.
Accounting positions that were for hire at the time of this article were positions for account and company analysts, accounting clerks, accountants, bookkeepers and a few others. A few of these positions are very rewarding in terms of compensation. The trick is doing a good job and being invited back to keep doing work with a particular employer. If you can create a good database of quality employers then you can keep yourself busy as a full time accountant or  part time, depending on your wants and needs.
There are many different companies searching for candidates to do clerical type work from home. This work can be anything from checking someone’s e mail messages to typing or transcribing important documents. The pay is dependent upon the job and your experience.
Many companies will also hire people to answer phones from their home. You are given use of computerized phone equipment or software and calls are routed to you during certain hours. So you can sit at home in your pajamas, answering customer service questions on different software programs or how to work a product that someone purchased off of an infomercial.
These are examples of work at home opportunities that have been legitimate in the past. It does not mean that all opportunities that you come across that fit these descriptions will be legitimate. It is your job to do your homework and research these companies before committing to them. You have a right to know about them and if they plan on scamming you or not.
Research is your biggest defense against finding scams and finding actual legitimate job opportunities. Use multiple search engines and use the word scam somewhere in your search. Keep your mind open for different opportunities and make yourself available to learn the skills that are in high demand in a work from home position.
Most work from home companies do not offer full time work. You might end up working full time some weeks but you will not usually be considered an employee of that company. You are outsourced!

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