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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are you tired of trying to make ends meet? Would you like to work at home and spend more time with your family and friends? Would you like to be able to buy the more luxery things in life? I you have answered yes to these questions then here is a great oppertunity for you.

Mike used to be a Janitor and was like you and me struggeling to make ends meet. he was to the point he was afraid to open his own mailbox. Afraid of getting stacks and stacks of bills that he just could not afford to pay. Sound familiar? His wife started getting threatening phone calls from bill collectors. The tears in his wifes eyes said it all he was a complete failure. Thats when he decided he had to succeed in life even if it killed him.

Mike decided to learn everything he could about making money online. Making lots of errors he finally created a step by step system that was making him over $71,000 a month. His wife laughed at him in disbelief that he could make that much money online. Untill the checks started rolling in and bank statements to prove it. They both now laugh together all the way to the bank.

Mike and his wife didn’t say anything to anyone for six months about what Mike has stumbled on, afraid that it might be beginners luck. when he was finally sure his system worked he took his friend Paul out to dinner. Mike and his wife showed Paul his bank statements and told Paul that he has stumbled onto something incredible that could make him and his grandchildren filthy rich. Of course Paul was skeptical and said to Mike that you have never been wealthy you work as a janitor thats not exactly big time. Mike told Paul that with his method within six months he has fully funded his retirement fund, quit his job as a janitor, and created enough passive income to guarantee he will never have to work again. Mike said to Paul that he would like him to test his method and if he doesn’t make $1,000 his first month that he would buy him and his wife dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Paul agreed to the deal and showed up at Mike’s house at 6:30 the next day after he got off work. Mike told Paul to open his laptop and do exactly what he says to do even if it makes no sense and if he does he will be richer than anyone on his block within months. In less than two hours Paul had everything he needed to start making money online, Mike asked Paul to call him the following day to give him a progress report. Paul did not call the following day or the day after that. Mike started to worry that maybe he had beginners luck after all, he decided to call Paul to see what was going on. Paul told MIke I don’t have time for this right now his boss has him working double shifts and he has family coming over this weekend and he is gonna have to pass. Mike then asked Paul the question that changed Pauls life forever. “Have you checked your account since we have set it up?” “No.”Mike asked Paul just to check his account real quick. Paul did so and was so excited he said it worked it really worked. He made $186.37, Paul said that even though thats not much money but the fact that he had forgotten about it and has done nothing and was still making money.

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