Lederhaus Launches as Canadian Premium Leather Goods Retailer

On Feb. 22, 2021, the Toronto-owned, high-quality leather goods retailer LEDERHAUS fully launches. Carefully crafted using highly durable materials and with a sleek minimalistic design, LEDERHAUS creates beautiful everyday pieces built to last. With essentials such as the Trailblazer bag and Catalyst Wallet, everything is designed for utility and timelessness.
Locally owned and made, LEDERHAUS’ boutique-style products are created by people with a passion for their craft. With LEDERHAUS, customers are sure to be satisfied with the best that the market has to offer, using all-natural Italian leather, premium brass hardware and cable instead of thread, making it both rot-proof and highly durable.
When asked about the roots of the brand, and its vision for the future, co-founder EJ Colin stated, “At LEDERHAUS we wanted to make a men’s brand that offers world-class quality in Leather Goods with timeless and functional design. All our products are made in Canada and support not only Canadian employees but the Canadian Economy. We will continue to seek out products that are of the highest quality and are handcrafted domestically.” 
Proud of the business that they have built, LEDERHAUS’ co-founders are highly conscientious of the entire process, from start to finish. From Raul Lince’s eye for design and proven track record in marketing, and EJ Colin’s proven track record of building and scaling companies, the brand is set to make an impactful start as it launches to the public in mid-February. While the current market standard for leather goods does not focus on sustainable uses, LEDERHAUS’ “built-to-last” products offer a far more sustainable approach to curated leather pieces. 
Founded by two Canadians and made in Toronto, LEDERHAUS prides itself on creating beautifully handcrafted products for and by Canadians. With guaranteed customer satisfaction and fair-trade practices, LEDERHAUS is proud to provide its customers durable, sustainable, and with a timeless design, offering best-in-class products.
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Source: Lederhaus