Lectrium is Helping Every Home Become EV-Ready by 2040

In the next seven years, more than 44 million Americans are projected to buy an electric car, and 28 million private EV chargers will be installed in people’s homes, according to a McKinsey study. Following this trend, this means that by 2040, the number of at-home EV chargers could surpass 90 million, turning it into one of the hottest new industries. The New York-based EV technology startup Lectrium is among the front runners to make Americans EV-ready. They automate and digitize the outdated process of finding an electrician, and manage the full process of installing EV chargers in people’s home. 
Waking up with the maximum amount of range every morning is completely possible with electric vehicles. To have this convenience, an EV driver needs a level 2 EV charger installed by certified and trusted professionals. This can be done in any garage or driveway.
With over $200B dollars committed by Ford, GM, Toyota & VW in the EV industry, and $5B in NEVI Formula Funding from the US government, electric vehicles are on an irreversible path to road domination. While a lot of media attention so far has been spent on public EV charging infrastructure, J.D. Power research shows that 84% of charging happens at home.
Lectrium has built an online survey for customers to complete a virtual site inspection of their home and job-sourcing software for electricians. “A process that previously took over a few weeks can be done in just a few clicks, allowing customers to get fair quotes from trusted installers and electricians to access more jobs,” says Peter Barba, CEO, and co-founder of Lectrium. The company also advises customers on charger types and which tax incentives they may qualify for in their area. Think of them as an all-inclusive electric vehicle advisor for your home.
Lectrium is on a mission to make every home EV-ready. “We want to make the transition towards electric vehicles as seamless and easy as possible in America,” states Barba. He mentions innovation and education as the main ways to achieve success, which is evident from their installation service and an impressive EV Knowledge Hub on their website, informing readers of various EV trends and tips. 
As EV adoption continues to progress, the way electricity is bought, sold and transported will be completely different, and Lectrium is building the foundation for that future.
Source: Lectrium