Leaving Everything Behind, Successful Executive Finds Herself, and a Surprising New Business Edge, in a Remote Costa Rican Jungle

The best-selling book Trust Your Animal Instincts: Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power by Tabitha A. Scott was just released in audiobook! Marianne Pestana, Public Relations is honored to announce the release of the long awaited audiobook from the multiple best-selling book, Trust Your Animal Instincts. An inspiring journey of how to make your life and business your own, while following your dreams. 
A potentially life-changing, life-enhancing, life-celebrating instructional guide and manual.
– Midwest Book Review 
Are you yearning to chase your dreams but struggle to meet life’s never-ending demands? The world of business says we should do more with less, should keep up with the latest technologies, and should outpace the competition. When we listen to this, we end up getting trapped by pleasing, perfection, and playing the game. Thriving in this 24/7 information age requires tapping into your own intuition, then taking the risk to follow it.
Developing your intuition is important to avoid burnout, discover your passion, and be successful in business. Tabitha candidly shares her personal journey of courageous self-discovery after walking away from a successful global job to reconnect to the science and spirituality of energy deep within the Costa Rican jungle. What she found was documented to help other businesspeople become more powerful, connected, and successful. Learn tips on:
Tabitha A. Scott is an international author, speaker, and advisor on powering personal and team potential. Formerly CEO of Cole Scott Group and Military Assistance Company, and SVP of Innovation & Sustainability at global companies Balfour Beatty Investments and Lend Lease Americas, she has deep experience with change management, leadership development, and technology deployment. https://powering-potential.com
Source: Marianne Pestana, Public Relations