Learn How to Write a Press Release with the Help of Newswire’s Brand-New Smart Start Video

In the latest installment of its Smart Start video series, Newswire, an innovative press release distribution company, is covering a number of topics related to press release writing including: 
Making sure the most relevant information is covered at the beginning of a press release is a necessary skill to develop, as it’s reported that 70% of readers will only read the first paragraph. 
When written correctly, press releases cover the who, what, where, when, why, and how. These are commonly referred to as the 5 W’s + How and serve as the foundation for the inverted pyramid.  
“While the topic of a press release is important, so too is the structure of the content,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communication at Newswire. “Our team of public relations experts works alongside our clients to craft newsworthy press releases that address the most important information at the beginning to ensure the main message of the release is easily understood.”
Leaning on its nearly 15 years of experience, Newswire has been helping clients in a variety of industries uncover newsworthy topics, craft compelling press releases, identify media opportunities, launch targeted campaigns, and maximize their media and marketing strategies. 
“This video shares press release writing tips and advice needed to effectively and efficiently give their readers the information they want right away,” Terenzio noted. 
Watch the latest Newswire’s Smart Start video How to Write a Clickworthy News Story Using the Inverted Pyramid for more information. 
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