Leanna Haakons Share How to Take Some of the Stress Out of Tax Day With TipsOnTV

As if living through a pandemic was not stressful enough, tax season is coming soon, so it is time to get ready. Financial Expert and Best-Selling Author Leanna Haakons shared some easy and timely tips to take just a little stress out of this challenging time of year. Leanna can be seen on the network business shows, and she is the best-selling author of YOUNG, FUN AND FINANCIALLY FREE. Leanna is on a mission to promote financial literacy for millennials and to add just a little fun to finance.
2020 was a tough year for everyone, and to top it off there are tax implications that we must deal with as well. Some common issues include misunderstandings about how things impact a taxpayer, like unemployment benefits, working from home, and stimulus checks. This is the year, more than ever, get help from a trusted tax pro at Jackson Hewitt to file or amend 2020 tax returns. They are known for their knowledgeable and trusted Tax Pros who help clients complete their tax returns before the deadline, which is now extended to May 17. Go to JacksonHewitt.com to make an appointment with a local tax pro today to prepare tax returns before the May 17 deadline. They can help people get the biggest tax refunds they deserve.
Technology can reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare taxes. Everyone needs help organizing financial paperwork and accurately processing piles of messy receipts, and invoices can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Say goodbye to manually entering data with Epson RapidReceipt™ RR-600W wireless scanner. With advanced financial software, Epson RapidReceipt™ accurately extracts and organizes data from receipts and invoices and seamlessly integrates into Excel and other third-party applications, all with zero subscription fees. Epson RapidReceipt™ is built for productivity and optimized for hybrid workspaces and home offices and is the only solution in the market specifically designed for organizing and managing receipts and invoices. For more information, visit Epson.com.
Tax season is an opportune time for cybercriminals, who may send phishing emails posing as the IRS, or an employer requesting tax-related information. Stay safe with Avast Secure Browser, which leverages leading antivirus-maker Avast’s award-winning threat detection to keep browsing sessions completely private and safe from hackers with its Bank Mode and built-in VPN. Think of it as an even-more-private Incognito Mode. The Avast Secure Web Browser is a free web browser for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices protecting from phishing threats, which are common during tax season. For more information, visit www.avast.com/secure-browser.
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