Leafs Of Three Announces Franchising Opportunity

Leafs Of Three, a poison ivy-removal service specializing in poison sumac, poison oak, and other noxious & invasive plants, has announced a first-of-its-kind opportunity to own a franchise in the high-demand and lucrative business of poison ivy control. Larry Atkins, an avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur, founded his first poison ivy-removal company in Michigan in 2006, and in 2018, the company expanded operations to the state of Maryland as well. Through Leafs Of Three, Atkins has begun sharing his tried-and-true business model with the public by offering franchise opportunities nationwide.
After years of working as an electrician, Atkins found himself still in search of his true calling. An inquisitive child growing up, Atkins wanted to learn everything there was to know about the natural world. This desire included the dream of exploration – more than anything, he wished he could discover new things along his journey. 
Raised in Waterford, Michigan, Atkins dreaded the seemingly unavoidable destiny of going to work in one of the local auto plants. He opted to join the Navy instead, spending four years living in Virginia and traveling the Atlantic and Mediterranean. After his honorable discharge from the military, Atkins went on to have many different occupations, such as underground utilities locator, loan officer, snack machine vending route operator, and small business owner. 
A turning point in life came for Atkins in 1994. After reading an article about a man that was making a living by finding space rocks, Atkins was inspired to figure out a way to afford the time and resources necessary to pursue a life of exploration and discovery. While not a professional aspiration at first, Atkins was committed to spending a substantial amount of time in pursuit of this new and exciting endeavor.
After getting a big laugh at the expense of a friend that was unfortunate enough to fall victim to poison ivy, Atkins had a critical moment of realization in 2005. When an internet search revealed no results for a poison ivy-removal service, Atkins envisioned himself at the helm of a company that he wanted to grow. This was the ticket to taking winters off and exploring the deserts of Arizona, California and Nevada to look for meteorites.
Atkins launched Poison Ivy Control of Michigan in 2006 and has slowly added personnel as needed through the years. In an effort to expand the business and help a friend at the same time, Atkins started Poison Ivy Control of Maryland in 2018. The team has been able to show proof of concept in Maryland, where they have enjoyed increased gross margins every year.
“The success of these two locations, along with constant requests for service from neighboring states, has given me the confidence to succeed and has been the impetus for Leafs Of Three,” said Atkins. 
Now, Atkins and his team are looking for self-motivated, disciplined, and unique individuals who are not afraid of real challenges. The core components of the role include working outside, helping others, taking an active role in problem-solving, and possessing a love for plants, animals, and nature in general. As a Leafs Of Three Franchise Owner, franchisees enjoy low startup costs, overall low operating expenses, high service demands, and strong customer retention. The combination of increased consumer demand and the strategic Leafs Of Three business model practically guarantees success.  
For more information regarding Leafs Of Three and their new franchising opportunity, please visit https://leafsofthree.com/own-a-franchise/. 
Leafs Of Three is a poison ivy-control company specializing in noxious and invasive plant control. Serving residential, commercial, municipal, and institutional properties.
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