Leading@Google: Ngahi Bidois

The @Google program welcomed Ngahi Bidois to Google’s New York office to speak on, “Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions” “Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is an Indigenous Native Maori from New Zealand. He is the author of the brand new book Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions, his inspirational story of his quest to become a Modern Day Warrior. His book tells how a moment of insight reduced him to tears and set the one time corporate high flyer on the path to rediscovering who he really was. From a high flying career to the ranks of the unemployed to relearn his native Maori language, Ngahihi reconnected with his Maori heritage, culminating in his decision to receive the gift of Ta Moko (Traditional Maori Tatoo) from his ancestors. Along the way, his struggles to reclaim his identity and embrace the rich culture of his people taught him many valuable lessons which will resonate with us all. Drawing on his many leadership experiences and knowledge his book has inspired readers to become the best leaders possible.” “Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and Ngahihi o te ra Bidois provides leadership keys to develop their professional and personal Leadership. He has helped many Business Leaders, Educational Leaders, Sports Leaders and Community Leaders to increase their spheres of influence. His tagline of Ancient Wisdom Modern solutions ensures Ngahihi offers pieces of wisdom from his indigenous Maori culture in an informative and inspiring manner. Ngahihi o te ra says I believe the most

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