Leading tech retailer PCByte examines the performance of gaming laptops and PCs

According to the leading gaming PC Australia retailer, PCByte, in the past, gaming laptops didn’t come close to the performance of a gaming PC. In the last few years that has all changed, as gaming laptops have evolved and now pack some impressive features into a portable package. PCByte discusses the benefits of each.
PCByte explains that the GPU specs are an important consideration in a gaming set up. High-end graphics cards are large, so laptops use mobile versions that are created to fit inside the interior and add as little weight as possible, which can mean sacrificing some performance power. GPU’s also run very hot, which is why the best gaming PC setups include heatsinks and triple fan coolers. For a gaming laptop to stack up, it needs to have a superior cooling system that can accommodate the heat increase.
A Gaming PC tends to be more customisable than a gaming laptop as there is only so much tweaking and expanding that can be done with a portable machine. PCByte says that adding a second hard drive or updated graphics card to a gaming PC, for example, is simple for a user.
PCByte says another plus of a gaming PC is that the set up can allow the user to engage in multi-display gaming, whereas a laptop can only be connected to a single external monitor. Multi-display gaming offers a more immersive gaming experience, which may be a priority for some gamers.
For gamers on the go, a gaming laptop is obviously more portable than a gaming PC. Laptops tend to be thin and light, giving users more freedom and mobility. Additionally, PCByte points out that while gaming laptop displays do tend to be smaller than the average gaming PC monitor, they do often boast impressive resolution.
Another plus of a gaming laptop is that it can double as a work laptop, as the best gaming laptop products tend to have more computing power than the average non gaming laptop. This means a gaming laptop will give the user more than enough speed to handle video meetings and creative software during work hours and the capability to play the latest AAA games when it’s time to clock off.
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Source: PCByte