Leading Digital Self-Publishing Platform XinXii launched English Version

Berlin – XinXii has become a pioneer in the German-speaking sector with its concept of helping authors to publish and sell their own texts on an Internet platform. The marketplace, which has already been distinguished in Germany, is now being internationalized. Effective immediately, English- and French-speaking writers can also take advantage of XinXii’s services. “This step is a logical result of the outstanding response in Germany,” says Dr. Andrea Schober, founder and head of PR and marketing for XinXii. “Our goal is to become an international leader as a do-it-yourself platform for the digital publication and online sale of authors’ own writings. The launch of the English and French version is the first significant step,” explains Schober, outlining XinXii’s current direction.

All features are fully available in both languages. This allows authors to upload their work to the platform – from one page of text on up – then to assign it to the appropriate category, to provide information such as the title, description, author’s profile, and sales price, and to make the texts available for buyers’ immediate download. In connection with the internationalization, purchases can now be made in British pounds and US dollars, in addition to euros. Just like in the German version, English- and French-speaking users will also benefit from the automated ordering and payment system and the fact that XinXii handles the customer support.

The German site already offers around 10,000 texts, documents, and e-books for downloading; and the content on the English and French sites is expected to grow rapidly, too. Site visitors can use the language setting or the search function to filter content in the various languages that are offered.

About XinXii

XinXii is the first Web 2.0 platform in the German-speaking sector that facilitates the independent, Internet-based purchase and sale of texts, documents, and e-books of all kinds in real time.

The concept of the online marketplace overcomes the hurdles of traditional publishers. XinXii gives each author the possibility to publish his or her own work online, that is, to upload the work on http://www.xinxii.com, to provide information and the price, and to sell it – without a contract commitment or fees. Each time a buyer downloads a text, the author receives a commission of 70% of the actual sales price. There is no limit to the type of texts that can be published, whether they be instruction manuals, checklists and templates, scientific publications and essays, scripts, dissertations and studies, works of fictions, reference books, self-help books, or others. After payment, buyers can download and read the writings immediately in their user area.

On XinXii, every author has his or her own shop, and every publishing company has its own business channel without having to install its own hardware or have specialized technical skills. Thanks to the site’s simple user guidance, using XinXii is a piece of cake – both for the seller and the buyer.

Since going live in January 2008, XinXii has been able to make over 10,000 files available for download from thousands of sellers, with prices starting at EUR 1,99. XinXii is a service of the publishing house GD-Verlag, based in Berlin.

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