Leading Beauty and Wellness Industry Associations Join Forces as ‘Unite As One’

Today, leaders in the professional hair, nails, skincare, grooming, and massage communities announce the creation of a cross-industry think tank under the banner Unite As One. The goal is to foster ongoing coordination and communication between the major beauty and wellness associations while providing enhanced support and advocacy on behalf of their members and industries.
Activities will include addressing misperceptions about beauty and wellness professions as a career, setting a shared legislative agenda, discussing shared legislative priorities, advocating awareness and education for cultural intelligence, providing ongoing relevant industry data and promoting a career campaign initiative to reach and help people make more informed decisions about careers in beauty and wellness.
Unite As One represents the first time that leaders from all beauty and wellness specialties have come together to address the major industry challenges. Participants in the think tank include American Association of Cosmetology Schools, Associated Skin Care Professionals, Beauty Changes Lives, Cosmetologists Chicago, Intercoiffure, International Nail Technician’s Association, International Spa Associations, Pro Nails Association, Professional Beauty Association and Professional Beauty Association of California.
“There are millions of creative and hardworking beauty and wellness career professionals who love their jobs, make a great living, and are important parts of our lives and their local communities. While we touch almost all Americans, many – including the business community, legislators and students and their parents – don’t know a lot about our industry and the people in it,” said Lynelle Lynch, Founding Board Member of Beauty Changes Lives. “This is our opportunity to share our story and make sure that everyone who might benefit by being part of our community has that opportunity.”   
As industries that welcome diversity, support a flexible lifestyle, give back and help others, celebrate and reward creativity, offer a wide range of employment opportunities, cannot be outsourced and provide a good living, careers in beauty and wellness are perfectly aligned with our next generation’s career priorities. Unite As One wants to make it as easy as possible for this generation to pursue their dream.
On the legislative front, current license requirements often differ depending on the state. Transferring licensure from one state to another can require additional testing and/or fees. Unite As One is working to make regulations consistent so professionals can more easily bring their skills state to state. 
While all these professional and respected organizations remain independent and have their own goals and members they proudly serve, Unite As One will collectively focus on opportunities for collaboration and alignment in support of common goals. The belief is that by coming together at this critical time, it creates a stronger united effort to elevate and shed light on the amazing work done by such treasured and talented licensed professionals around the globe.  
Source: Unite As One