Lead Marvels Alleviates COVID-19 Woes for Membership Organizations

Lead Marvels, a lead generation and content syndication company, has recently expanded its workforce as well as its platform and capabilities to meet the growing demand of organizations that need to connect with their members in innovative ways and generate new revenue streams in the process.
Associations and publishers experienced a crushing decline in live event revenue since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many organizations to cancel their events. According to estimates from PwC, the tradeshow industry suffered a 64 percent decline last year compared with 2019, a loss of approximately 10 billion dollars. Eager to mitigate the decline in revenue, organizations have looked for other avenues to generate new revenue streams and keep their members and audiences connected. Lead Marvels’ digital platform offers organizations a creative solution to those challenges.
Lead Marvels’ unique platform helps its association and publisher partners generate non-dues revenue, increase website traffic and engagement, and attract new members. It also provides marketers, vendors, and suppliers a turnkey way to engage with their audiences by publishing downloadable content such as white papers, ebooks, case studies, and guides.
“The past year has been tragic on so many levels, it’s difficult to even comprehend,” said Jeff Schottland, co-founder and CEO of Lead Marvels. “And for many businesses, it’s been a struggle just to keep the lights on. We’ve scaled our platform and expanded its functionality not only to help our partners navigate their current struggles but to ensure that they are strategically positioned for growth as we return to some semblance of normal, which we all hope will be soon.”
The increased demand for its platform has resulted in a 40 percent year-over-year growth rate for Lead Marvels. Consequently, the company has expanded its workforce by nearly 50 percent so it can continue to accommodate the needs of its association and publisher partners.
“The momentum of the past year continues in 2021,” says president, Michael Palacios. “We’ve already taken on more than 50 new partners and advertisers so far this year and have expanded into several industries that are new for us.”
“Our enhanced model can quickly be customized for new verticals and new partners,” continued Palacios. “We’re excited about the opportunities of the coming year and feel fortunate to be able to offer our partners solutions that make a tangible difference on their bottom lines at a time when they need it most.”
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Source: Lead Marvels, Inc.