LC Well conducted the financial wellness workshop

LC Well in association with Design Your Life ME organized a financial wellness workshop. Financial wellness is a crucial part of one’s overall wellbeing and LC Well recognizes that. The workshop was conducted by Rasheda and Shakil Khan and was attended by locals and expats in Dubai. It shed light on practical and meta ways to bring in a flow of financial wellness in one’s life.

This workshop stressed the need of a strong financial foundation of little or no debt, an emergency savings fund, and living below our means. Mr Lal Chand, Founder and CEO LC WELL observed that realization is the first step towards this thoughtful approach regardless of how much one earns.

Like any other form of wellness, Financial wellness does not happen without knowledge, skills, commitment and planning. This workshop shows a confident approach towards our financial wellbeing.

The workshop Topics include: Financial goals, common roadblocks, goal achievement, ways to improve your score, things that kill your credit score, taking control of your finances, types of income, and ways to earn money.

Getting organised with your personal finances is essential to every area of your life By having a clear vision of how you want life to look like for you and then reverse engineer it will help you create a money plan that works for you.

If you want to improve your financial position from wherever you are, then this is the workshop for you. The workshop is organised by LC Well and conducted by Rasheda and Shakil Khan. They have been delivering financial wellness workshops for corporations all over the globe for over 5 years.

This workshop gained particular interest from participants during the session on how one can make a real difference in its financial wellness simply by taking one small action each day for a month and carrying out small needed steps and we will ll be able to face our financial future with optimism, conviction and confidence.

About LC Well
LC Well is not just another organization. It aims to enrich the human experience by creating awareness about the importance of well-being, which not only is supposed to be our natural state of being, but surprisingly, now in modern times, is also the burning need of hour! Join us if you agree and contribute to making this planet a better home for all of us.