Lawyer, Journalist, Head of Int’l Law Firm & Former Company Executive is Running for NYC Council in District 1

Sean Hayes, a 47-year-old NY attorney, former professor, director of a multi-national company, dean of a UN University and journalist, is appalled by the state of politics and public services in New York City and fears that NY City shall regress back to the Dark Days of the 80s and early 90s, because of do-nothing-useful political pontificators that lack the experience, skills and pragmaticism to lead a diverse and complicated city like New York. Sean’s Blog: Sean Hayes 4 NYC’s Blog.

Sean believes that since the post-Bloomberg days, politicians in New York City Government moved far from pragmaticism and towards identity politics and national polarizing issues, thus, losing focus on the needs of the people of New York City. These politicians are simply looking for a fast-track to fame, fortune and a higher political office with little care for the needs of the communities they serve, thus, leading to a decreasing tax base, deterioration of public housing, decrease in the quality and efficiency of public services, low morale in public servants, lack of accountability in government, less affordable housing, increase in crime, higher taxes, decrease in the quality of life and increased fraud, waste and abuse.   
Sean understands that NY City needs politicians with the intelligence, experience, emotional maturity, and dedication to: Listen to the Needs of the Community; Frame the Objectives; Determine if the Objectives Are Achievable; Build Plans; and Execute on These Plans. NYC does not have many politicians with anything more than the ability to endlessly pontificate.    
Sean is fed up and is ready to fight for the people. He shall be a voice for the community and a tool to return New York back towards the middle, back to focusing on solving the problems facing our communities and back to professional leadership.
Sean Hayes 
(Democratic Candidate for NY City Council) 
Pragmatic & Experienced Servant for
Source: Sean Hayes 4 NYC