Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond Draw Attention to the Accurate COVID-19 Fatality Data in New York City Nursing Homes

The Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond wants people across the New York City area to realize the accurate numbers of resident fatalities at nursing homes and other long-term care facilities due to COVID-19. The Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond has compiled that data on its website for the public to see.
Initially, Governor Cuomo and New York Department of Health (NY DOH) officials grossly underreported COVID-19-related fatalities in nursing homes. The NY DOH late came out with accurate statistics, which showed almost double the deaths initially reported.
At first, the state reported about 8,700 fatalities of residents of long-term care facilities across the state. Updated NY DOH reports indicate that at least 15,430 residents died from confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic through March 2021. 9,564 residents died inside facilities, while 5,866 died after transfers to other medical facilities outside the nursing homes.
At least 6,067 of those fatalities happened in the New York City area, which is nearly 40 percent of the statewide deaths. These occurred in New York County, Kings County, Bronx County, Richmond County, and Queens County. New York City nursing homes and other long-term care facilities suffered particularly severe losses due to COVID-19. Many of these deaths were preventable had the nursing home had proper measures in place for infection control, COVID-19 testing of residents and staff, rapid response to positive cases, and prompt escalation of cases to outside hospitals when necessary.
The Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond represent nursing home residents who suffered harm due to nursing home neglect or abuse. The firm regularly handles cases involving physical abuse, resident-on-resident abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and gross neglect. The firm also represents family members who lost a loved one due to nursing home abuse or neglect.
Mr. Diamond has decades of experience handling cases throughout all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding counties. He achieves successful results for clients dealing with serious injuries or the tragic loss of a close family member.
Some COVID-19 fatalities in nursing homes were unavoidable, but others were not. If anyone would like to discuss nursing home-related injuries or deaths with an experienced New York City nursing home injury attorney, they can contact The Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond via their website or by calling 718-588-2000.
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