Lavinia Group Joins Learners Edge to Elevate Educator Support

The Lavinia Group, a national leader in educator training and curriculum development, has joined the Learners Edge organization, which includes iteach, Teaching Channel, and Learners Edge. The combined organization supports the complete lifecycle of the educator journey from initial certification and licensure, to coaching, professional development, additional endorsements, career advancement, and master’s degree attainment. 
“The Lavinia Group team has consistently challenged me to find ways to fulfill our mission of ensuring all children have access to joyful and rigorous teaching and learning,” said Arin Lavinia, Founder and CEO of the Lavinia Group. “We are thrilled to join the Learners Edge family and profoundly strengthen our ability to support schools and educators throughout all aspects of their journeys.”
The Lavinia Group methods represent a best-in-class approach to improving educational outcomes. The Lavinia Group serves educators through district or school-based coaching and consulting engagements as well as open-enrollment institutes available for all educators. 2019 New York state test data shows that schools that worked with the Lavinia Group for five years in English Language Arts more than doubled the growth of the district in the same time frame. In Math, Lavinia Group schools scored 88% passing, compared to a state average of 47%.
In response to the impact of COVID-19 on students, the Lavinia Group created a comprehensive summer learning program with curriculum and related professional development for teachers. The results are impressive from their RISE 2021 Summer Learning Program- with a +21% improvement in ELA and +26% in Math.
“The pandemic has exposed one of our nation’s greatest challenges: how to build better support for educators,” said Jim Hall, CEO, Learners Edge. “In this work, the Lavinia Group’s track record of results is unparalleled.”
Welcoming Lavinia Group to Learners Edge creates additional pathways for the expanded organization to support educators. Learners Edge holds CAEP accreditation for teacher licensure and certification through iteach and has helped more than 25,000 aspiring educators achieve their dream of becoming a teacher. Districts are increasingly relying on the Teaching Channel and Learners Edge Educator Advancement Courses to better support professional development in online and self-paced formats.
The Lavinia Group: 
The Lavinia Group was founded in 2015 by Arin Lavinia, to ensure all students have access to excellent teaching and learning and that all educators have access to world-class professional development. Today the organization of more than 40 consultants serves schools in 21 states through school and district-sponsored coaching, educator effectiveness institutes, student curriculum, and summer learning academies. 
Learners Edge: 
Founded in 2002, Learners Edge is committed to serving educators throughout their journeys—from initial teacher certification through relicensure, professional development and salary advancement. Our team serves districts and educators with unique, best in-class offerings: Learners Edge offers over 120 credit-bearing continuing education and professional development courses for preK-12 educators; iteach is a nationally accredited educator preparation program; and Teaching Channel provides video resources and interactive tools for educator development and professional learning.
Source: Learners Edge