Launching Solution for Malvartisement attack plug-in for Revive Adserver

Revive Adservermod launch a Solution for Malvartisement attack for Revive Adserver that protect you from hackers. A hacker team targets companies who have the self-hosted ad serving platform revive to inject and deliver a malicious ad to those who visit the websites.

Third-party Ad networks won’t allow the revive ad tags if barnacle hacks it. The distinct features of the plugin help to protect your ad server platform from the hacker team. Users can release your ad server from the block list by using these plug-in. Hackers using javascript DOM, cookies and others to inject the malware into the ad server domain.

Solution for Malvartisement attack plug-in protects you from hackers when plugin replaces the specific parameter name, delivery path cookie names, image store path and invocation tags. This plug-in replaces the document.write() in the JS Tags because nowadays, most of the browsers block the document.write. By this plug-in modified the Capping Cookie names for the ad Delivery with md5 Encryption.

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