Launching Forever Free Team Collaboration App for Better Communication

Hashdone: Get your work done easily anywhere

Create your free working account and redefine your workspace hub.
Hashdone is a free forever powerful app that enables you to organize your teamwork communication, collaborates with your teams, manages your project tasks, and maximizes your productivity with one tap mobile number login.

All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go from the home, workplace, or anywhere!

Key Features:
– Unlike the other work managing apps, we are not a paid app and you have the freedom to share your thoughts on this platform to stay on top of your things.
– Seamlessly you can create Boards and invite the relevant members for group tasks.
– Staying in touch is never going to be that easy so enjoy the most secure and quality endless texting.
– Simple and fast messaging for one to one and group chats
– You can chat with your colleagues on the go if any query pops up in your mind and brainstorm.
– Manage and schedule your day to day and upcoming tasks that make your life easier than ever.
– You can attach the required files for the project, track the progress, and mark it complete. Set a due date and time for every task to eliminate stress and free your brain.
– Easy collaboration on projects by assigning tasks and achieving your goals.

You will save time spent on meetings. You don’t need an email or hangout’s communication as such to switch your tabs every time.

Give a try to Hashdone, because you got nothing to lose.

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Happy Working Together!