Launched URL Tracking Feature In Desklog

We, Infinite Open Source Solutions (iOSS) are glad to announce the launch of a new feature of Desklog-“URL Tracking”.

Desklog is the automated employee tracking software developed by IOSS to monitor and track the real-time activities of the employees to stay productive.

iOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) is a leading and ISO 27001:2013 certified Indian software development firm. In 2019, it developed Desklog to offer white labeled, customized solutions at an affordable price- To enhance business productivity by effectively tracking employee activities with the advanced features of the tool.

URL Tracking Feature – An advanced and innovative way to track the activities performed by the resources. Track the employee’s system by gaining information on the productive vs non-productive URL accessed by the employees.

The benefits of URL tracking feature of Desklog
Offers an insight into the activities performed on the website, programs, etc, and records % time spent on all the accessed applications.
Categorize the productive vs nonproductive URLs accessed in order to analyze employee performance with respect to the time spent on both the categories.

Monitor internet usage during working hours by tracking whether the work-related applications are accessed.
Get to know the current productivity levels from the URL tracking analytics and enhance team productivity.
Identify the bottleneck involved to stay productive and to enhance the efficiency and performance of the employee.

Round the Clock Customer Support:
Our skilled experts support 24*7 to ensure that the full-fledged support is provided for all the services of Desklog.