Launch My Biz Offers $10K per Month Websites for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs has officially announced the opening of its Platinum Partnership Program for start-up entrepreneurs seeking success in the rapidly growing Trillion-dollar e-commerce industry.
“We’re proud to announce our new PLATINUM Partnership Program that includes our Success Guarantee. This allows entrepreneurs to get started in e-commerce with revenue of at least $10,000 per month,” said Julie Burns, President of Launch My Biz.
As a certified and full-service digital business consultancy and agency, Launch My Biz has over 20 years of collective e-commerce experience, along with a long and proven track record of online success.
With over 100 successful Partners to date, LMB continues to grow and has expanded operations to allow even more new e-commerce Partnerships each month in 2021.
“We are very excited to expand our capacity in 2021 and allow even more Partners to join in our Program. While we often still have a waitlist, our expansion will allow more entrepreneurs to join each and every month,” said Rarj Dulai, Partnership Success Team Leader. has two Partnership Program offerings ranging from $10,000 to $25,000; both including the LMB $10K per month success Guarantee. 

Launch My Biz is a revolutionary digital business opportunity and Partnership that provides a complete “Done With You” online business partnership with a monthly revenue! LMB offers two partnership opportunities, with investments starting at $10,000 and accelerated Partnerships for $25,000 – both options include an unparalleled $10,000 per month income! Visit LMB’s website for details: