Latina Power Duo, Trejos Sisters, Launch Season 2 of Hit TV Show Pinkafé to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Kicking off Women’s History Month on Friday, March 5, at 8 p.m. ET is Season 2 of Pinkafé on LATV Network. Hosted by sisters Carolina Trejos and Natalia Trejos-Herrera, each episode features a guest Latina leader or entrepreneur for an intimate conversation to discuss the importance of women breaking barriers, defining their own statement for success, and coming together for a common cause of amplifying Latina voices. 
Trejos-Herrera states, “Pinkafé adds Latina entrepreneurship to LATV’s strong female empowerment programming which includes Blacktinidad, Get It Girl, and Esa Soy Yo. We’re humbled to be part of the strong female presence that compliments LATV’s other inclusive brands.”
Inspired by their own immigration journey from Colombia to Ecuador and ultimately the United States, the Trejos sisters have a passion for sharing their collective life experiences with others to serve as an inspiration. From Carolina choosing to leave her corporate job at a major magazine and pursue entrepreneurship, to Natalia transitioning from acting and founding a production company, these dynamic sisters bring forth a fresh perspective on each show. With a passion for all things Female Entrepreneur, the Trejos sisters saw the need to elevate Latina voices and showcase Latina Entrepreneurs. 
“We want to inspire and empower our viewers with opportunities, educate them with available options when it comes to finding a true passion and doing what they love for a living. We have our ‘why’ very present and our mission is to make sure our Pinkafesas know theirs as well.” -Carolina Trejos 
A mixture of Carolina’s entertainment business background paired with Natalia’s creativity and TV production experience, Pinkafé guides their audience with “Caro and Nati’s” knowledge and skills to ensure others can win in their own careers and goals. Carolina and Natalia discuss a variety of topics which include: how to find your perfect professional partner, quitting your 9-5, and jumping into entrepreneurship to tips for working with a family member or friend. 
This next season will feature the following movers and shakers for National Women’s History Month:Soraya Hennessy – Founder & Creative Director of Soraya HennessyAna Flores – Founder of We All Grow LatinaAna de la Reguera – ActressDavina Ferreira – Founder of Alegría MagazineAerie Rose – Author & motivational speaker. Founder and CEO of Destination HER.Melany Centeno – Host of Blacktinidad on LATVVanessa James – Voiceover Actor, Founder of VJ Media
Watch Pinkafé’s TV show Fridays at 8 p.m. EST / 7:30 p.m. PST on LATV; check online for where to watch and how to stream in your area. Also, Pinkafe’s podcast is available on all streaming platforms, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes.
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