LaserPecker Announces the LaserPecker 4, a High-Speed Dual Laser Source in One Engraver and Cutter

LaserPecker, the global leader in powerful, portable, and affordable laser engraving machines has announced the launch of their latest creation; the LaserPecker 4. This cutting-edge multi-material prosumer laser builds upon the innovative technological features that the company has pioneered. With a more powerful 10W laser, a larger engraving area, and a thicker cutting capacity, the LaserPecker 4 is able to engrave or cut almost every type of material including plastic, metals, bamboo, glass, stone and more. This is the ultimate customization tool for all levels of creators and it is now available on Kickstarter.
By making lasers easy and fun for beginners and pros alike, the LaserPecker team has built a loyal worldwide community of users. Their evolving line of devices has continually improved with the LaserPecker 4 being the ultimate iteration of a versatile, portable, multi-material laser engraver. The user-friendly design allows for switching between light sources at the touch of a button, streamlining workflow and resulting in perfect engravings on metals and plastics. The Rotary Extension enables engraving on curved, spherical, conical, and cylindrical surfaces such as cups and bottles.
The LaserPecker 4 is powered by both a 10W 450nm blue light laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with peak power up to 20kw. This powerful integrated laser system combined with an upgraded algorithm and high-speed galvanometer technology generates finer details, incredible 8k resolution accuracy, 0.01 mm precision, engraving speeds up to 1200mm/s, and a cutting capacity of 8 mm.
“The success of our previous laser engravers ushered in a new era of creative options for material engraving and cutting. We pride ourselves on making powerful user-friendly tools that enable anyone to easily and quickly start creating whether it be for art, business, or just plain old fun! Now, with invaluable input from our loyal users around the world and our tireless R&D, we have built our most powerful and full-featured laser yet, the LaserPecker 4. It features a more powerful 10W laser and an improved user interface so anyone can engrave and cut in a simple, intuitive, and safe way. LaserPecker 4 empowers anyone to customize any object and let creativity FLY!” – QingPeng Xie, LaserPecker CEO
LaserPecker 4 is compact and lightweight, has multiple safety protections built-in, and operates in both desktop and handheld modes. With a sleek design and plug-and-play simplicity, the unit sets up in seconds and can be controlled via smartphone or desktop app. It can easily engrave on flat, cylindrical, or round surfaces, and up to an area of 160x300mm with the useful Slide Extension enabling repeat jobs and perfect duplication. The multi-function digital display makes operation simple by showing engraving previews and other essential information including settings, project status, and stored engraving patterns. Images and text can be imported via smartphone and engraving or cutting can begin with just a few clicks.
The LaserPecker 4 Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter is a powerful, compact, and portable solution for all kinds of laser engraving or cutting tasks. Its user-friendly design, versatile features, and affordable price make it the ultimate tool for creativity, production, and fun – all brought to you by the leading innovator in the industry and with the spirit to Let Creativity FLY!
The LaserPecker 4 is available now at special pre-order pricing with incentives for early adopters. Learn more here.
Source: LaserPecker