Large Medical Group Sees 152% Increase in SEO Over Six Months by Partnering With Sprinkles Media

Summit Health (formerly Summit Medical Group), a multi-specialty medical practice based out of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, has partnered with Sprinkles Media, a digital media agency, to boost brand awareness. A California-based company, Sprinkles Media, helped Summit Health with ongoing search engine optimization efforts. 
Launched in 2021, Sprinkles Media aims to help businesses, both large and small, grow their business through SEO, digital marketing, custom branding, SEM, and social media marketing,
SEO Problems (and Solutions)
After experiencing a significant plateau in organic web traffic, Summit Health needed to search for a solution to approach SEO in a meaningful, sustainable way. Enter Sprinkles Media and its small team of digital marketing experts.
“The experience of working with Sprinkles Media has been nothing but amazing,” says Andy Chang, Vice President of Marketing at Summit Health.
Even though Sprinkles Media itself isn’t a healthcare company, Chang says, “[Sprinkles] knew exactly how to handle our situation…they knew exactly where to go, what tools to use, and taught us how to use those tools.” 
For Summit Health, the partnership with Sprinkles Media is paying major dividends. 
Seeing Meaningful SEO Results
Over the past six months alone, working with the digital marketing agency, Summit Health experienced an impressive 152% growth in first-page keywords on the Google search engine results page. 
Add to that the inherent challenge of trying to stand out in the online medical space, and these accomplishments prove to be more impressive. With Summit Health, the result of a merger between Summit Medical Group and New York’s largest urgent care network, CityMD, this is a massive development. 
Additionally, Summit Health experienced a 13% increase in organic traffic. “This is a pretty big number, considering that we’ve seen millions of patients in the past year,” says Chang.
The Sprinkles Media Difference
The content team at Summit Health is also learning valuable lessons and tools to ride this major success to new heights. The Sprinkles Media team worked hand in hand with the Summit Health web team to ensure that they were equipped with the tools and knowledge they needed to continue this staggering success. 
Chang has nothing but praise for the digital media agency and its digital marketing expertise.
“Overall, we are very happy based on the results, the working relationship with Sprinkles Media, and the partnership we have. There has been a night and day difference in how we manage our SEO, the process we go through to develop content, and how we develop content in-house. Sprinkles came in and helped us manage it all.” – Andy Chang
Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach, covering every aspect of digital marketing. 
Businesses can benefit from free consultations, custom branding, website development, SEO, and more.
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