Landing Your First Job During Recession

If you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job, the times could not have been tougher. The global economic downturn and its impact on the job market is for all to see. While companies across sectors across the globe are cutting jobs to control costs, there has been little or no hiring in companies. Some companies that are still hiring are doing it only on strict need basis. Thus, for graduates looking for fresher jobs, it has become very tough to land a job to launch their career. Barring a few, engineering colleges and B-schools across the country are finding it tough to place students. The placement cells in colleges and university campuses are working overtime to invite companies and arrange jobs for the passing out batch.


People who are already employed are hanging on to their jobs and attrition levels are at an all-time low leading to no fresh hiring. There may have been no increments or promotions but people are getting a pay cheque at the end of the month which is enough to make them stick to their job. That brings us to the topic of fresher jobs rather the lack of it in market today. With this gloomy scenario in the job market, what is it that a fresher needs to do to ensure that he gets a job. What is the change in attitude or mindset that is required to prepare a fresher for the prevalent market conditions?


Some sectors used to hire in hordes before the economic slowdown derailed the markets. The Information Technology sector that used to hire freshers in bulk from campuses has given a miss to campus placements this time or has hired very less number of freshers. To cruise through this tough time, frshers need to be all the more aggressive and prove their worth to the recruiter in any chance of interaction that they may get with the recruiter. It is important to highlight your strong points and all that distinguishes you from the crowd of other jobseekers. Talk not just about your degree and qualification but also about your soft skills, the attributes that you possess to succeed in the job, the projects or trainings that you have undertaken during your entire education, the accolades and certificates that you have earned in school and college. All this will highlight why you are the right candidate for that job and help the recruiter see reason in offering you that fresher job.


Also, you need to set your expectations right. Don’t go by the average salaries offered to your seniors a year or two ago. Those times were different. There have been reports from across the educational institutes that average salaries have dropped considerably for those students who were hired by the limited companies that recruited from campuses. Thus, it is important that you accept whatever is offered as long as the profile is decent and will get you in business. Remember it is better to be employed at a lower salary than sitting idle. Also, if you have funded your education with a loan, it is important that you start getting a steady pay cheque to pay it back.


Sooner you accept the changed realities, better it will be for you. The market scenario has changed considerably and the changed scenario throws up newer challenges that have to be dealt with differently and unconventionally. The same is true when it comes to jobs for freshers. Just scale back your expectations till the market changes for better. No doubt you have studied hard and invested a lot of money in your studies so this comes as a rude reality blow to you. But don’t worry, this is an economic situation that will not last and better times will come back. Just be patient and cling on to what comes your way.


It would also be advisable to be a little flexible about the industry that you want to join. If big IT companies are not hiring, you can look to get a job in a smaller company or a start-up or any other company in a different industry that may have a similar role to offer. You may also want to consider new functions and roles. As of now, just get into a well-running job. You can always shift to the job of your choice when economy recovers. Another thing that you can consider is studying further and acquiring an additional degree or diploma to make you more marketable when the situation improves. As a first time job seeker, you need to compromise on these tings in face of the worsening economic situation to get that fresher job to start your career.

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