Lana Lindemann’s New Book ‘Angel’s Grove’ is a Profound Novel About Bravery, Will, and Defying All Odds—even Danger

Lana Lindemann, a loving Nebraskan Mother, has completed her new book “Angel’s Grove”: a gripping and potent read about spouses, snubbed by their own family, were separated by the ruthlessness of a commandant who only holds cruel intentions.
Lana writes, “It was a beautiful summer in Munich when Tretan slipped the ring upon Adelisa’s finger and made her his wife. Against all odds, against all prejudice, whether it came from those they loved: close friends, family, even strangers, they joined in a union built on care, sacrifice, and unrelenting love that would be put to the test.
Years later, in November, Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass had begun, and their world, their family was under the watchful eye of what was now Nazi Germany. Hidden in the darkness, they struggled to survive, living in fear of what would happen should they be reported for breaking racial law. But their nightmare had only just begun. The worst had happened and torn apart by the seams of their life; they were sent to Angel’s Grove.
Pulled from the lineup in front of her family, Adelisa thought her life was about to be ended. Instead, she was to become the personal maid of the camp’s sadistic and twisted commandant, Gottfried Drechsler. Was it mercy that she was spared? The dread that she felt, her cries as she was torn from the arms of those she loved said otherwise and Gottfried’s delusions of perfection only proved to be a more personal hell on earth. As time passes, she discovers Gottfried’s true intentions, and the cruel game of cat and mouse begins, with the awaiting prize being the safety of her family in the end. Can Adelisa hold against all odds placed before her and come out the victor? Or will Gottfried, with his powerful war machine of bigotry and hate, overwhelm and consume what little is left of her soul?”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Lana Lindemann’s well-written tale will take the readers to see a journey of struggle and adversities brought by the harshness of a leader with hate coursing through his veins.
Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “Angel’s Grove” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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