Lab Testing Services at BOC Sciences: Quick, Convenient and Cost-Effective

The past decade has witnessed an upsurging demand for lab testing. Whether it’s just a simple routine analysis of chemical and physical properties of compounds or specifying impurities, which is slightly more difficult, lab testing is necessary. Having long been known as a service provider for chemical synthesis, analysis and purification, BOC Sciences is now a leading practitioner in medicinal chemistry lab testing services.

Owing to its state-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation, along with close collaboration with synthetic organic chemists, the lab testing service at BOC Sciences is always conducted in a quick, convenient, and cost-effective manner. Owing to a clear understanding of testing purposes as well as the use of the most appropriate tools, some challenging testing problems have been resolved, which greatly contributes to the nationwide recognition of BOC Sciences’ competence in testing.

“On the other hand, clients trust us because we are time-honored in this area. Ever since its founding in 2007, our company has been doing lab testing for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions in need. Now after years of expansion, the testing services at our lab are quite far-ranged, covering nearly the whole drug discovery and development process. To name just a few here, Purity Determination, Structure Characterization, Impurity Isolation and Identification, Counter Ion Analysis, Heavy Metal Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Elemental Analysis, X-Ray Powder Diffraction, etc.,” says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Chief of BOC Sciences. “Our analytical development team provides integrated assistance for client’s drug R&D projects, and at the same time, guarantee that research results could be reached, prepared and delivered in time, or even in advance at times.”

The following are some of the major analytical techniques that can be employed by medical laboratory scientists at BOC Sciences while carrying out lab testing services.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
This multifaceted technique is especially important in the structural and functional characterization of biological molecules. The Bruker 500 MHz, 400 MHz and 300 MHz Ultra-shield solution state spectrometers at BOC Sciences are capable of detecting 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P nuclei, making two-dimensional techniques possible so as to elucidate and confirm compound structures. Other applications of NMR include: quantitation of organic compounds, assay determination of the material, quantification of impurities and solvents as well as analysis of enantiomers/stereoisomers ratios. With continuous evolvement, NMR experimental techniques can also combine with new in situ and operando NMR spectroscopy of working zeolites to achieve more.

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (MS)
Chromatography is a technique to separate mixtures, while mass spectrometry is a major player in the effort to confirm the identity of target molecules. MS works by ionizing chemical compounds to generate charged molecules or molecule fragments and by measuring their mass-to-charge ratios. When the two are combined in use, the range of sample selection can be expanded, and achieves better effect than used separately.

X-Ray Crystallography
With the capability to identify the atomic and molecular structure of a crystal, X-Ray Crystallography is currently the most favored technique for structure determination. With the unveiling of structural information on a large scale, some previously unanswered questions that keep perplexing biological scientists might be resolved or at least addressed from another new perspective. In recent years, X-Ray Crystallography also proves its value in several other areas, such as site directed mutagenesis, structure based drug design, elucidation of enzyme mechanisms, and specificity of protein–ligand interactions.

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