La Tanya M. Mathews’ New Book ‘My Brother’s Keepers’ Follows the Heartfelt Journey of Navigating Love and Loss Through Benjie’s Eyes

Fulton Books author La Tanya M. Mathews, a social worker and a mom, has completed her most recent book “My Brother’s Keepers”: a delightful illustrated tale about Benjie and his three animal friends. Growing up, they play all together and enjoy the fun of his own backyard. Soon, the time comes for Benjie to let go of his childhood comforts and bravely take on the world and baseball.
Mathews shares, “Benjie has three best friends. They’ve played together for as long as Benjie can remember. Benjie’s three best friends are animals—a raccoon, a squirrel, and a turtle. They can play in the backyard all day. As Benjie gets older, their time together lessens. Then Benjie’s parents sign him up for his favorite sport, baseball. The animals come to a tough decision that it’s time to go, but not before making sure their little brother is going to be okay.”
Published by Fulton Books, La Tanya M. Mathews’ book is about coming-of-age, friendship, and making choices fused in one story fit for young readers. Here, one will see how Benjie moves on to the next adventure of his life.
Readers who wish to experience this lovely work can purchase “My Brother’s Keepers” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books