‘La Granja Road to Success’ Scholarship in 2021 Helps Students at Palm Beach State College Obtain a Bright Future

La Granja Restaurants, South Florida’s favorite family-style Peruvian restaurant chain, has achieved tremendous growth and success during the past two and half decades with now over 50 restaurants in the state of Florida. La Granja started in 1993 as a modest eatery in Aruba, where love for its authentic and flavorful Latin food quickly grew.
To give back to the community and share its success, CFO Claudia Bartra, on behalf of her family and La Granja Restaurants, has offered academic scholarships since 2015 to students who are Florida residents and of Hispanic or Latino descent, and who would like to attend Palm Beach State College.
This generous contribution to Florida’s Hispanic and Latino families is an annual scholarship that will continue to assist these communities in achieving progress. La Granja’s scholarships are a much-needed support, especially as the Hispanic and Latino populations continue to grow in the U.S. The Hispanic community in Florida is one of the largest in the country, though less than half of its youth have access to a college education after high school.
“La Granja Road to Success” scholarships given annually mean our young people can pursue academic and professional paths that benefit not only themselves and their families but also Palm Beach County in healthcare, public safety, local industries and more, bringing a better future for all of us,” says Ana Thomas, PBSC Foundation, Corporate Partnerships Director.
La Granja Restaurants: Contributing to the Growth and Enrichment of Florida’s Hispanic and Latino Communities
Financial assistance is necessary in order for the up-and-coming generations to have access to affordable higher education opportunities in this country. Statistics reflect how critical the need is for support in the U.S. and Florida’s Latino and Hispanic communities.
Ms. Bartra and her family believe that the United States is the land of opportunity. The success of La Granja has allowed them to give back by creating academic opportunities for Hispanic and Latino resident students who attend Palm Beach State College.
For more info or to find a La Granja restaurant nearby, visit http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com. For media inquiries, contact Ana Thomas at 561-868-3569.
Source: La Granja Restaurants