Kukun Launches Home Investment Management Suite Enabling Wealth Creation for Homeowners

Kukun, the largest originator of individual home data and predictive analytics, provides home investment advice to millions of customers every year via mykukun.com and through partnerships with many of the largest banks in America. Today, Kukun expands their iHome product line with iHomeManager™ which is available for homeowners at no cost.
iHomeManager is a home investment dashboard featuring a suite of products that make it easy to make the best financial decisions to increase the value of a home, all while living well. Customers can view their most recent home value each month, and manage that value with repairs and upgrades. It provides you with the ability to optimize your financial return on your home as an investment, all while making the improvements to transform the house into your dream home.
One of the key products in iHomeManager is My Maintenance, which enables homeowners to stay on top of property upkeep and seasonal tasks to protect their home investment to maintain value. The maintenance scheduler recommends custom-selected tasks based on the homeowner’s home and location. Homeowners can easily communicate with their service providers for each project and receive gentle reminders to make completing tasks effortless. 
The iHomeManager also features My Neighborhood which shows homeowners new construction that is planned near their home, including remodels, new homes, and new commercial buildings. Customers know before construction begins the address of the project, which contractors are going to be doing the work, and how much is budgeted. 
“Our PropTech products provide ultra-practical information about properties for all types of homeowners, enterprises such as leading financial companies, real estate agents, and alike. Kukun’s iHomeManager helps busy homeowners protect and grow their home value and investment by constantly ensuring that their property condition is up to date and documented just like you do with cars,” says Raf Howery, CEO and founder of Kukun. “This new suite of tools is a proactive way to take care of your home rather than address issues after they occur.” 
As the leader in the industry, millions of users have already benefited from Kukun’s advice because of the accuracy of the insights and suggestions. Homeowners have been disillusioned by new companies in home investment guidance, who promise big things but can not deliver accurate recommendations as they rely on incomplete industry data. That’s why Kukun is the largest originator of home-specific data of any company, providing accuracy homeowners can count on. Kukun is the only company with a full suite of products for homeownership investment, from buying, remodeling, maintaining, to selling.
Here’s how iHomeManager works: 
Step 1 Visit https://mykukun.com/my-home and type in your address 
Step 2 The dashboard will show relevant information on the given address, including how much equity there is in the house, a recommended list of maintenance tasks based on the location, top recommended contractors, latest neighborhood activities that could influence the home value, the renovation projects that produce the best ROI for that home and most recent sales nearby 
Step 3 iHomeManager recommends maintenance tasks based on the age of your home and service providers. iHomeManager also displays relevant posts from Kukun’s blog. 
Step 4 Search from the options based on the current needs for your home.  From the dashboard, you can connect directly to the renovation cost estimator, the directory of the best contractors near you, and purchase Kukun’s iHomeReport.
With 75% year-over-year growth, Kukun has become the industry leader in home data and will continue to expand its suite of tools with the latest predictive analytics and innovative recommendations for its millions of customers.
About Kukun: 
Kukun is the leading originator of property data and predictive analytics, enabling homeowners to buy better, remodel smarter, and maintain easier. Kukun’s products help consumers, realtors, and real estate investors make forward-thinking financial decisions to generate wealth. The Company provides solutions that illustrate which communities are likely to see the most price appreciation, make a profit on home renovations, easily estimate the cost of any renovation, and include all the information a home buyer and homeowner needs to optimize their home experience. Kukun’s data and analytics products also serve leading companies in the investment, real estate, construction, and banking industries. Kukun is the only real estate renovation engine used on the websites of many of the largest banks across America. Visit https://mykukun.com to learn more.
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