KTRome’s New Book, ‘Healing Faith’ is an Insightful Journal That Highlights How Faith Can Cure and Transform a Person’s Life

KTRome, a respected educator who owns a daycare center and a Christian bookstore, a school board member, a fervent believer of God, a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, has completed her new book, “Healing Faith”: a powerful testimony that provides hope to those readers who suffer from serious health conditions that could cause them their lives. KTRome shares that she was able to overcome those darkest moments by simply holding on to her faith and belief. Each page of this book highlights the immense healing power of the Lord, and she hopes to relay this truth to those who need it.
The author writes, “Healing Faith is about life’s little and big surprises. They are the kind of surprises that remind you that God is our creator. He knows us and our bodies better than anyone. When you have your health and Jesus, you have just about everything. That slowly, or sometimes suddenly, gets verified. God even sends little messengers across our path.
God is the great physician with no appointment necessary. He is everywhere all the time. He is in your heart as you cry out to him, and he answers. He keeps answering you and reminding you of scriptures in his love letter and guide to life, the Bible is the best book for 2000 years. Finally, you pray, ‘Your will be done, Lord! Let me live forever with you with no sickness or evil!’
Healing Faith is a patient and family perspective of melanoma cancer, deep vein thrombosis to pulmonary embolism, artificial insemination, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Four members of one family deal with the unexpected.
Healing Faith is hope and understanding for readers of God’s forever faithfulness, forgiveness, guidance, healing and power.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, KTRome’s new book is a remarkable read that presents the author’s amazing journey and details how her family’s resolve was put into test. This is an emotionally charged account filled with inspiring insights and deeper knowledge of God’s wisdom, loyalty, guidance, love, and healing power.
Readers can purchase “Healing Faith” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books