Koriander Publishing comes to Half Price Books

Koriander Publishing brings it’s top titles to Half Price Books

In an effort to expand to readers from all financial situations, Koriander Publishing is pleased to announce several titles that have been added to Half Price Books incredible catalog.

Founded in 1972, Half Price Books operates more than 127 brick and mortar stores across seventeen states. Having had it’s humble start out of a former laundromat in Dallas, Texas, it’s founders and current CEO understand the need for lower income readers to be able to afford intelligent entertainment. Over the years, Half Price Books has promoted and supported literacy programs, recycling programs and has built libraries in smaller communities and at schools, promoting the fundamentals of reading. They have also donated books to various charities worldwide to encourage immersion in the English language and they have routinely given to the American Red Cross.

Koriander Publishing titles currently available for purchase at Half Price Books include the following:

Wrestling Between Ake and Bullard – For adults, the flagship book from author Koriander Bullard is rife with artwork, jokes and anecdotes about the world of professional wrestling. Written as a love letter to the sport, this book offers an insider’s look at many of today’s wrestling superstars before they made it to pay per view.

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter: Book #1: For adults, the inaugural title in the Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter series introduces us to Kiana (Ki-Chan) Chan, an eighteen year old orphan living in a semi-futuristic Chichibu, Saitama Japan. Born with strange super powers, Kiana is plagued by nightmares stemming from a horrific attack she survived in childhood that claimed her entire family. She finds herself banding together with a group of college kids from Illinois who like her, also were born with strange powers. But before any of them can grasp what these mystical abilities are for, Kiana finds herself in the fight of her life against the very same demons who claimed her family.

Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Book #2: For adults, the saga continues as Kiana is now enrolled in a special university that caters to foreign students. With a new purpose in life, she starts to find happiness in her love life as she and her friend Tige embark on a fresh romance. But just as their relationship starts to turn serious, a mysterious and gorgeous new student arrives with her eyes set solely on Tige. Tige is not quick to reciprocate her affections, and finds himself a victim of stalking when this beautiful blonde refuses to accept “no” for an answer. Only Kiana believes him when he reaches out for help, but finds herself unable to control her new powers. Will she be able to rescue Tige from a doomed fate?

Solstice of the Changeling: For kids ages 7-13, this title follows thirteen year old Maarika, an often bullied lass with a deadpan disposition. People are especially cruel towards her, but Maarika lets it all roll off of her back. But one night, her dull world is flipped upside down when she discovers that she is in fact, the lost fairy princess of the Kingdom of Fedelim. But before she can rejoin her real parents at their castle among the bluebells, she must first rescue the child who was switched with her after birth from an evil swamp dragon, who has an army of changelings trapped under his wicked spell. Maarika must rely on her brain in order to outsmart this ancient evil before the sun rises on her fourteenth birthday. This book teaches critical thinking and empathy.

These titles from Koriander Publishing are currently available on the Half Price Bookstore website and are also available to order at each of the 127 locations.

Half Price Bookstore is also a multimedia retailer selling books, CD’s, DVD’s and vinyl records. For more information, visit www.hpb.com

Koriander Publishing is a small company founded by Koriander Bullard. For more information please visit www.korianderake.com