Konzortia Capital on its way to Success Despite Ill Intended Allegations

The unprecedented growth of the FinTech industry from the 2018 up until this point, shows where the future relies in terms new technologies. And as a company, we feel extremely proud of the goals we’ve reached and the growth we’ve achieved throughout the last couple of years. Thanks to its unique and groundbreaking business model, Konzortia Capital has been recognized as one of the most revolutionary FinTech startups currently in the market.

The first of our platforms to be launched into the market, SBank, is intended at representing a radical shift in the very concept of banking. It will take full advantage of distributed ledger technologies to offer businesses and individuals a unique amalgam of services that they will not find anywhere else. These services will range from multi-currency high security accounts and instant global money transfers through text messages, to contactless payments, fund management and much more. SBank, along with our other upcoming platforms, InvestHub and Capitalista, are going to the redesign financial markets as a whole.

Although this is an exciting idea for those with the vision to comprehend its breadth and importance, not all players in the market have what it takes to fathom the potential of our business. As with any other radical innovation, there have been various mixed or skeptical opinions about what we’re creating. We always welcome and encourage different perspectives. Unfortunately, however, there are those who, out of a lack of understanding or simply out of fear of a new competitor, attempt –from time to time- to hamper our trustworthiness as a company, as well as the confidence of our investors.

In what we see as nothing but a smear campaign, a few have gone as far as to accuse our business of being many things that is not. Accusations that always take place without any evidence or base whatsoever. Nevertheless, as Steve jobs once said “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. With this in mind, we will continue to create the project we believe in, the world in which we want to live.

When it comes to showing our legitimacy and commitment, investors can rest easy, as Konzortia Capital’s actions and projections speak for themselves, as well as our constant efforts to ensure transparency. Konzortia Capital is fully compliant with all legal obligations that private placements require to be in the market. This includes internal filing and policies as well as formal filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in compliance with the Exemption D, Rule 506-C. As such, the company only takes investments from accredited investors.

Those who’ve already invested in the company have shown enormous satisfaction, with perfect clarity as to where their money goes and where their returns will come from. When it comes to the company’s growth and progress, it is worth noting that Konzortia Capital has almost doubled its employee base throughout the last few months. We expect to grow our investor base by 300% in the last quarter of 2020. Finally, with an MVP being released to the market by the beginning of 2021, investors and customers are getting a first glimpse of the sheer quality and innovation that Konzortia Capital’s products and services we offer.

We’re a young company that does not just have a revolutionary vision, but also tangible results that show we’re straight on our way to achieve that vision. With the pace at which we’re growing and the successes we’ve had in such a short time, it is understandable that others might perceive us as a threat and try to hamper our success. Nevertheless, as history has demonstrated countless times, it is those who dare to believe and dare to achieve, not those who disbelief and discredit, the ones who always come on top, leading the world towards progress and innovation.