KlimaDAO Releases ‘Introduction to the Digital Carbon Market’ Report

The Digital Carbon Market (DCM) began to scale in early in 2022 after the launch of projects such as KlimaDAO, Moss.earth, Toucan Protocol and C3, which enable the integration of the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) with blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology. 
Since KlimaDAO’s launch on Oct. 18, 2021, significant progress has since been made in growing the DCM. Over 25 million carbon credits – representing 2.52% of all Verra-issued credits – have migrated onto the blockchain. KlimaDAO’s offsetting infrastructure has also been increasingly adopted, with over 500,000 tCO2e being offset using the DCM to date.
KlimaDAO has now published its Introduction to the Digital Carbon Market – a report that aims to help readers orient the Digital Carbon Market ecosystem and leverage the open-access tools that have been built. The report also looks to the future, sharing insights on the transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure needed to accelerate the growth of the DCM and transform the carbon markets overall.
KlimaDAO will host the ON SET Webinar series, beginning on Feb. 7, 2023, to provide product walkthroughs and answer questions for those interested in learning more about the DCM. 
About KlimaDAO
KlimaDAO’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of climate finance globally by building the transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure needed to scale the Digital Carbon Market. KlimaDAO provides tools, products and services to make accessing this market easy for all users. Contact us by filling this form. 
Source: KlimaDAO