Klean’s CEO Makes rCB Market Presentation at European Carbon Black Summit 2023

Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”), a leading tire pyrolysis equipment manufacturer that designs and builds pyrolysis projects for processing hydrocarbon-based waste such as scrap tires and converts them into high-grade recovered carbon black, is pleased to announce that its CEO, Mr. Jesse Klinkhamer, will be a featured speaker at the European Carbon Black Summit for the second time on June 14 and 15, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany.
With the ever-pressing questions of feedstock availability, sustainability & recycling, and fluctuation of feedstock prices, which the European carbon black industry is facing in the near future, the industry will need to adapt to these new objectives, developments and work together as a whole to ensure a smooth and thriving transition. ACI’s The European Carbon Black Summit will bring together key industry stakeholders to discuss current challenges and future opportunities within the carbon black industry. 
European Carbon Black Summit will provide another unique forum for chemical companies, carbon black manufacturers, carbon black users, plastic & rubber manufacturers, masterbatch processors, and tire manufacturers to hear from the pyrolysis industry veterans, experts, and innovators who will share their perspectives of the rapidly growing Recovered Carbon Black market. Several industry leaders from around the world will share their expertise, case studies, projects, and the latest developments.
Building on the success of the last edition of the summit we are delighted to be back with ACI’s 3rd European Carbon Black Summit that will take place on 14th on 15th June 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Virgin Carbon Black (“vCB”) demand is forecasted to increase and addressing this increase will be very challenging as the war in Ukraine has already caused a big gap in the supply of virgin carbon black. Some of the experts from this field say that shortage of supply of CB goes up to 40% compared to the years before the war. The main focus of this summit will be to address these issues. With key topics such as CB market overview, improving sustainability in the industry, achieving superiority in the supply chain, and others we will try to give answers to these pressing issues. The focus will be also on improving standardization in recovered carbon black (“rCB”) as well as problems with calculating the life cycle of tires.
As is evident, the European CB industry is facing big challenges in the virgin and recovered carbon black industry. A big amount of energy and time will be used in adaptation to the new situation which will be key for the industry to continue to progress, as well as meeting the demands of the end users.
This two-day event will bring together the senior representatives of the different stakeholders involved in the sector from producers, technology developers, rubber producers, chemical suppliers, researchers, as well as other influential stakeholders from the value chain.
Key Topics:
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About Klean Industries Inc.
Klean Industries boasts an impressive portfolio of pyrolysis processing technologies and patents that have been successfully deployed in many tire recycling and tire pyrolysis facilities globally. The KleanTeam has decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of tire pyrolysis technologies and the supporting Carbon Black manufacturing technologies and oil upgrading technologies needed to make scrap tire pyrolysis a viable commercial process for the recovery of valuable resources that are locked inside waste tires. 
Klean comprises an international team of award-winning experts who are active voting members of the ASTM committees for D24 Carbon Black and D36 Recovered Carbon Black that specifically set the standards on the formulations and guidelines to characterize the material science for the Carbon Black materials used in the rubber and tire manufacturing industries. Klean has a number of pyrolysis projects in North America and Europe that are under development which are dedicated to the production of high-quality ASTM D36 Recovered Carbon Black used in new tire manufacturing and a high-quality recovered oil that contains 35-40% biomass that is used for the production in new virgin based Carbon Blacks.
Source: Klean Industries Inc