Kingdom Legacy Benefits Chooses PLEXIS Configurable Payer Technology

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, an established innovator in next-generation digital core administrative processing solutions (CAPS) platforms for healthcare payers, announces an agreement with Kingdom Legacy Benefits to provide its “Logical Claims System” (LCS) enterprise core administration and claims processing platform. A configurable and agile solution for third-party administrators (TPAs), the PLEXIS LCS platform supports multiple lines of business and provides complete benefits administration, claim processing, premium billing, authorization, reporting features, and more. For one PLEXIS client, the LCS solution reduced claim processing time by 60%. The resulting 35% reduction in costs allowed the client to reallocate more funds to improve healthcare initiatives.
“Third Party Administrators are experts at flexible, cost-efficient services for self-funded or fully insured clients. With rising costs associated with regulatory change and compliance, the most powerful tool today’s TPA can leverage is a centralized, affordable second-generation core administrative system such as the trusted LCS platform solution from PLEXIS,” said Sean Garrett, Chief Operations Officer for PLEXIS Healthcare Systems. “With streamlined auto-adjudication capabilities and efficient benefit administration, PLEXIS platform solutions provide significant business capability enablement for TPAs while increasing value for their clients.”
Sean R. Garrett
To learn more about how PLEXIS platforms can benefit an organization, please contact the PLEXIS Sales team at or call toll-free 1+ 877-475-3947
About PLEXIS Healthcare Systems
PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe.  More than 100 organizations trust PLEXIS core administrative enterprise solutions to manage over 55 million lives in all 50 states and around the globe. PLEXIS provides mission-critical solutions that catalyze efficiencies and connect evolving business ecosystems to a wide range of payer organizations. PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, an established innovator in digital core administrative processing solutions (CAPS), is featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for U.S. Healthcare Payers’ Core Administrative Processing Solutions (25 June 2019) as a Representative Vendor.                                            
Source: PLEXIS Healthcare Systems