King of Kings Music, LLC Is Celebrating Father’s Day by Honoring Our Fathers and Joe Vulpis (Producer & Co-Writer for 80+ Songs, 9 Studio Albums & 67 Songs Released to Date)

King of Kings Music, LLC is honored and grateful to celebrate our collaboration with Joe Vulpis, producer, co-writer, co-artist, musician, and, in essence, the “Musical Father” of 80+ songs, nine studio albums (67 songs now available on all major digital platforms) for & Respected for his musical God-given gifts, creative ingenuity, and diligently relentless work ethic, Joe Vulpis has the well-deserved title “King” from King of Kings Music, and we named him as the artist “King” on Mena’s anthology, albums and singles. We are proud to be part of this great music movement alongside Mena and Joe Vulpis.
“In addition to being blessed in our collaboration and working with Joe Vulpis, Father’s Day is especially a significant and cherished day as we are able to honor our fathers through our music. Joe Vulpis encouraged me and guided me in creating ‘Numbers’ to honor my dad, Enrico, whom I lost in 2002. ‘Numbers’ was originally started as a ‘piano ref’ I sent to Joe Vulpis … now we have a sentimental and inspirational song to soon be released. My father is my hero. I am here today for all the sacrifices Dad made to give me a better life and the foundation he set for us,” Mena said.
“We also released ‘God | Glory’ (TGBTG), a song that originated from my relationship with Joe Vulpis’s dad (an amazing and wonderful man). ‘God | Glory’ was my conversation with God. The melody and chorus came through my time with God (music is how I process emotional and difficult life-changing events). I sent Joe Vulpis my chorus/melody voice memo “as we do” without explaining… God is our synergy. Joe Vulpis brilliantly transformed my voice memo (I was singing through my tears) into an amazing and uplifting praise song. I am grateful to work with Joe Vulpis and co-create with him such a beautiful song to honor Joseph’s father, Nunzio Vulpis,” Mena said.
About Joe Vulpis, “King,” (Joseph J. Vulpis): Joe Vulpis is an exceptionally talented and brilliantly creative singer, songwriter, composer, producer, musician, and respected businessman. As a producer, writer, and musician, Joe Vulpis works proficiently in all musical styles, including Jazz, Christian, Classical, Pop, Country, Rock, Hip/Hop, Gospel, Dance, Latin, and Reggae.
Mr. Vulpis is the Founder and President of APMusic Group and graduated with Honors from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. An award-winning ASCAP songwriter and producer, Mr. Vulpis has performed, produced, and toured with major acts nationally and internationally.   
Visit Joe Vulpis at @VulpisJoe (Instagram)
Source: King of Kings Music, LLC