KindHealth Technology Unleashes Untapped Potential of HRAs

KindHealth, an all-in-one digital health insurance platform, is building technology that will seamlessly integrate with any Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). The newest technology will expand the company’s powerful digital savings platform and help employers and consumers take advantage of the untapped potential of their HRAs.
KindHealth is helping thousands of Americans with traditional or individual health plans get health insurance, save on prescription medications, and reduce their medical expenses. Soon, the growing number of people with HRAs will have the opportunity to use the convenient technology and learn more about their healthcare options.
KindHealth co-founders Albert Pomales and Andrew Tomasik built KindHealth with consumers in mind. They say individuals with HRAs need better access to easy-to-understand information about their healthcare options, and the company is working on a solution that will meet their demands.
KindHealth technology currently in development will allow any HRA partner to integrate with the KindHealth platform and use Smart Census or Marketplace Builder products. This new technology includes partner dashboards to customize states, products, reporting, tracking, and analytics.
KindHealth anticipates significant interest in their technology with more employers expected to adopt HRA plans in coming years. The company’s platform will be ready to meet the growing need, and for the first time will be positioned to provide a marketplace and fulfillment for individuals shopping for their own insurance with employer dollars.
“Businesses are recognizing that HRA accounts are a better use of money for employees. HRAs lower the bar to enter the health insurance game,” said Pomales. “Businesses that traditionally offered group insurance or businesses that could never afford group health insurance are turning to HRA accounts to provide comprehensive health insurance for employees.”
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