KindHealth Closes Q2 With New Employees on the Move, New Partnerships Amid 2022 Open Enrollment

KindHealth, creators of a national health insurance platform that has helped thousands of Americans obtain affordable health insurance and manage their medical bills, is celebrating several significant achievements as it closes its second quarter.
So far in 2021, KindHealth has grown its team, formed productive partnerships, grown its membership substantially, and continues to improve its Smart Census and Marketplace Builder products. These milestones are notable on their own, and even more so for being accomplished during the global coronavirus pandemic that has disrupted the healthcare industry, KindHealth leadership said. 
“As we look toward the end of the year, we can’t help but feel extremely optimistic about the future of KindHealth,” said Albert Pomales, CEO of KindHealth. “We have been able to build a world-class team that is committed to developing and refining KindHealth’s innovative AI-driven health insurance platform so thousands of Americans can have access to necessary and affordable health care.” 
Austin-based KindHealth has a robust array of health, dental, vision, life and Medicare insurance offerings that includes more than 250 insurance companies and policies. KindHealth has helped over one million people shop, compare, and purchase health insurance plans, collectively saving $5 million in health insurance plans.
KindHealth leaders are now developing a partnership with Joshin, a start-up that connects families with qualified caregivers for their loved ones. The companies launched the program Aug. 1. 
KindHealth leadership say the achievements are a testament to the company’s staff.  
“The work we’ve been able to accomplish at KindHealth truly speaks to the strength of our team and the effort they’ve put in over the last several months,” said Andrew Tomasik, COO of KindHealth. “Without them, we would not have seen the sales success we have over the last quarter or form new partnerships with great providers.
“This has been a great year for growth and organizational improvement at KindHealth,” Tomasik said. “The team as a whole has learned and matured this year, and we’ve also been able to strategically add senior and experienced positions to bolster the company.” 
In 2021, Kind Health welcomed nine new employees who are filling key roles within the rapidly growing organization to oversee KindHealth’s industry-leading products.
In 2021, Kind Health also released its innovative Smart Census and Marketplace Builder products, with an accompanying API for more integration possibilities. New and existing KindHealth partners have said they are eager to adapt this technology, which will allow them to:
KindHealth’s marketplace has helped one million-plus customers collectively shop for health insurance since being founded and now, with new innovative technology, KindHealth is projecting it will help one million customers shop this open enrollment alone.  
KindHealth CEO Pomales said the growth in the open enrollment pipeline and strong sales numbers show that brand awareness is growing as the platform becomes a trusted name in the health insurance marketplace and that the company is succeeding in its mission of making healthcare accessible to more Americans.
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KindHealth is an insurance discovery platform launched in 2015 and based in Austin, Texas, founded by entrepreneurial team Albert Pomales, Andrew Tomasik, Mark Adams and John Constantine. KindHealth’s platform is powered by cutting-edge technology which recommends the best insurance plan for consumers’ needs and budget, allowing KindHealth to better understand its customers and offer the right insurance plan. Additionally, KindHealth’s Marketplace Builder™ makes it simple for companies in any category — from leading technology brands to insurtech startups — to offer white-labeled digital insurance solutions to their customers. Visit
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