Kind Congress Partnered with Allied Academics to announce: Present the research ideas and views at Brain and Spine 2020

The conference congregates to enrich the impact of modernization of research and development through Brain and spine 2020. Brain and spine 2020 will be organized around the theme “New Horizons and Global Perspective in Brain and Spine Research” on March 16-17, 2020 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Brain and Spine 2020 is a meeting for major brain initiatives, with emphasis on coordination and alignment of efforts to showcase what it means, why it is important, and how the ideas and researches being developed by the large-scale initiatives can facilitate. The major focus on the conference includes about the study and mechanisms of the nervous system, which refers to wide ranging areas of ion channels, synaptic transmission, neural development, sensory and cognitive physiology and neural circuits.

The attendees of the conference will enjoy the special events in the presence of lecture featuring expertise. The conference provides the platform for neuroscientist, neurosurgeon, eminent speakers, industrial professionals, research scholars, students, delegates from the field of Neuroscience and Neurology. Brain and Spine 2020 also provides some excellent opportunity for the budding scientists and young researchers through its special initiatives like Young Researcher Forum, Poster Presentation, B2B and Scientific Meetings.

All the papers and articles to be presented in Brain and Spine 2020 will be published in the following journals:
• Journal of Brain and Neurology
• Journal of Trauma and Critical Care
• Journal of Psychology and Cognition
• Journal of Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science
• Neurology and Neurorehabilitation
Conference Highlights:
• 5+ Keynote Speakers
• 30+ Plenary Speakers
• 5+ Exhibitors
• 18 Innovative Educational Sessions
• 5+ Workshops
• B2B Meetings
• 100+ Participation (70 Industry: 30 Academia)

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