Kimberly Stanfield’s New Book, ‘Dear Old Friend and Man’, Is the Tale of a Woman Wrought With Traumas and Barriers Whose Demons Confront Her in the Form of an Old Friend

Kimberly Stanfield, a creative and talented author, has completed her new book, “Dear Old Friend and Man”: a gripping tale of a woman facing the after-effects of life’s heaviest problems.
Stanfield begins her tale with an introspective reflection saying, “I found it hard to swallow my spit as I sat in a house that I felt didn’t belong to me. I was startled when my children called my name. I secluded myself into my upstairs bathroom on many occasions to cry and just so I could be alone. I was extremely numb, and it took a lot for me to focus on merely anything, even my profession. I felt so many emotions I was almost beginning to believe my therapist was a wee off on my diagnosis. I was angry, bitter, mad, sad, and mourning, all at once. And the saddest and hardest thing to accept was that nobody even noticed or cared enough to ask just for once if I was okay. I had lost myself, and it was showing, and there was nothing I could do to redeem myself. I remember being so confused about my existence here on earth and a few times actually asking God, ‘Why? Why? Why did you allow me to survive? Why am I here?'”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kimberly Stanfield’s provocative tale explores the effects of the mental health crisis in a personal, intriguing light.
Battling depression and anxiety, her inner turmoil pushes her over the deep end. The old friend and man has manifested himself in her life, and she battles consistently in overcoming generational curses, the struggles of single parenting, and the ability to accept and acknowledge her brokenness and broken heart. Try as she might, she is struggling to survive, to prevail.
Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase “Dear Old Friend and Man” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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