KillerPolitics is Set to Sting Social Media

KillerPolitics is currently in beta testing. KillerPolitics is the world’s first live social media video debating platform that will hit the market on Aug. 30, 2021. The app will be available for iOS, Android, and web. KillerPolitics was founded by Erik M. Underwood in 2020.
The current state of social media’s unchecked bullying, personal attacks, and unnecessary back-and-forth has created an undesirable atmosphere. “I believe KillerPolitics will be a force to change social media behaviors through our unique technology and innovation. People are hungry for a platform where they can finally settle their debates in a format that challenges the status quo and where every voice can be heard,” said Erik Underwood, CEO and founder of KillerPolitics.
KillerPolitics is offering a designated platform for users to engage in civil debates from all points of view in a regulated format made possible by its technology. KillerPolitics’ specialized AI algorithm aids in its mission to allow people a space for conversation over confrontation.
Through its innovations, the platform makes KillerPolitics the world’s first live social media video debating application. The technology is so unique that there is currently a patent pending.
Some of KillerPolitics’ features include:
Based on KillerPolitics’ preliminary reviews by its beta testers, the company anticipates KillerPolitics will be on the same stage as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
KillerPolitics’ mission is for social media users to “Keep it off Facebook and Twitter. Settle it on KillerPolitics!”
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