Kid CuDi My World

Kid CuDi – My World From the album ‘Man on the Moon: End of the Day’. I do not own the music VERSE 1: Hello yeah, Lil homie in the room, in, in the room boy, on the moon No one to hang out with, talk that shit to Just my little homies one year younger they aint get where I was goin Took a turn to the worst when my father left me lonely Lonely in my room I, I mean me up on the moon Entertain myself laughed at myself As I grew to be a teen, I disguised myself Had the lowest self esteem especially with the girls Tried every sport just to impress all the girls Instead of all the ladies cause they talk down I was too artsy known to be a clown Now my facebook poppin cause I told the same girls I would be the hot shit one day CHORUS: This will be my world I told you so (X4) VERSE 2: Big homie made the move, made, made the move Flew off the moon No one to hang out with talk that shit to, just my Brooklyn niggas All I would wonder is when will my time come Had mad jobs and I lost them all of them Thinkin bout my bosses yup, I hated all of them Studio at night had me hustlin most of them Nigga I was late damn near every day But Imma be on time when the stars align When my soul was happy on my ramen diet Followed by a loosie was the meal of grinders If you knowin the truth all you think about is that thing Always be a hater tryna shoot down any dream Until you meet a kid like k dot Niggas thought I was crazy my momma know I stay hot We getting money, mom CHORUS: This will be my