Kheerganga Trek; Where Happy Hippies & Lost Souls Find Home…

It’s always a beautiful transition every time a local passes by, they commute almost every day back & forth sliding down the lanes super conveniently along with their essentials. People are very welcoming & friendly all over Himachal Pradesh. If by chance there’s eye contact, just smile back or either start a convo by addressing “BHAIJI’’. They feel very affectionate, the suffix ‘ji’ just hits the right cord.

Kheerganga is Shiva’s home where he meditated for almost 3000 yrs. There’s something in that air, it connects your own lost soul on a whole new dimension. Soon there will be eye-popping dominant blue & yellow huts reminding you not far from Kheergnaga trek altitude. Don’t forget to suck on those glucose or energy bars cause your taste buds & the energy your body revives from them.

Kheerganga Trek In December seems very lucid but the weather upon the mountains barely serves assurity to one’s plan

Once up there, unwind yourself with whatever your poison is & rely on cafes than hotels in Kheerganga. Unload your brain along with your baggage & stroll for skinny dipping in the natural hot spring. Gear up, cause your eyes nor your belly be able to digest the mighty Himalayas in the vicinity. It’s going to swap your perceptions, your brain starts debating about the glorious mother nature & its chronicles, & you’ll question yourself, this is too good to be true but what took me so long to find my way till here? Can I forever submerge my soul here? Or I just found mine?

The naked blue sky & the breathtaking mountains, everything saturated & full of contrast brighter than 4K, like everything borrowed colors from mother nature. Here at this point everything seems enchanting & everything made sense. You’ll praise yourself unlocking the hidden gem. I was struck by the fact, that there was something so supernatural about my heightened perceptions that moment.