Kelsey Gosdin Has Been Named Director of Digital Media at Bridges Strategies

Prior to joining Bridges Strategies, Kelsey served as a media strategist at Ackerman McQueen, where she gained valuable experience in both traditional and digital paid media across a variety of industries including tourism, healthcare, finance, education and advocacy. She holds a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish from the University of Oklahoma. She is a self-described “advertising nerd” and enjoys working with data.
Kelsey will be ensuring Bridges’ clients stay ahead of the curve thanks to her deep knowledge of local, regional and national media markets and trends. As head of Digital Media, Kelsey will be working alongside leadership to reinforce the world-class strategy and support Bridges Strategies clients receive while expanding offerings and updating processes.
“What I like best is that each person is so genuinely talented, kind and smart,” Kelsey said of her time at Bridges to-date. “It’s tricky to create an environment where culture, learning and growth are truly top priorities and I think Bridges really excels at that. I look forward to expanding the capabilities of what we can offer and continuing to develop!”
“We are very excited to have Kelsey on our team,” Meg McElhaney, VP of Creative Operations at Bridges Strategies says. “Her depth of knowledge, her strategic thinking and her ability to make everyone at the table feel valued are all welcome additions. We are all looking forward to the future and have no doubt that Kelsey’s talent and leadership will make a great impact for both us and our clients.”
Kelsey is an avid reader and is also into working out and cooking, with a particular love for cooking and baking contest shows.
About Bridges Strategies:​Bridges Strategies is a nationally-recognized B2B digital marketing agency with a high focus on return on investment. The firm is based in Oklahoma City and its presence is growing fast throughout the United States and Latin America. With the intake of new customers and a growing team, Bridges is thriving in 2020 and has great plans for the next few years.
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Source: Bridges Strategies