Kellalit Embraces Her Dark Side With New Single

DJ, Producer, and EDM artist Kellalit released her next single “Hollow Spine” on Feb. 26 on all streaming platforms. The heavy-hitting and intriguing song takes audiences into the feeling of falling into a dark state of mind and enjoying it.
Written and produced by Kellalit, “Hollow Spine” is certain to fill listeners with chills and Kellalit’s new hollow and metallic sound comes alive in a whole new way. Especially with the always-increasing presence of social media, it has become increasingly common for people to mask their lives and not expose the dark parts of themselves. Filters and Facetune have made an extreme impact on the collective culture, causing people to buy into the illusion that a person or their life is perfect and instilling a fear in people of letting the dark and gritty parts out. “Hollow Spine” encourages people to let out their dark side and expose the darker parts that they don’t want anyone to see. It’s a song about embracing all parts of oneself and liking each and every one.
“It’s ok to feel dark and scary. Embrace it,” said Kellalit. “I wrote ‘Hollow Spine’ when I was feeling vicious. The fierce kick and unusual-yet-intriguing lead drive the song forward and straight into the depths. This song makes me feel unbreakable and so powerful.” 
Not only does “Hollow Spine” encourage listeners to embrace every aspect of themselves, but the emotion-filled single also represents a pivotal moment musically for the artist. Kellalit began making future bass music and “Hollow Spine” marks the beginning of a new hollow and metallic sound for the artist. Kellalit’s new sound lets audiences into the mind of the artist, allowing listeners to connect not only with Kellalit but the emotions and topics she writes about that everyone has experienced. Kellalit’s music truly matches how she feels and this is seen in “Hollow Spine.” The song shows Kellalit’s truest self and it is a great demonstration of her creativity. 
“Hollow Spine is dark. It’s about getting into that crazy dark headspace, but liking it,” said Kellalit. “I love to perform and I love to make visuals. I am a performer and an artist, always have been. My love for Cinema 4D is almost as big as my love for Ableton. If I could travel the world and share my art, my dancing, and especially my music with anyone willing to listen, then I have accomplished everything.”
The emotionally gripping, hard-hitting song demonstrates Kellalit’s talent as a writer, producer, and DJ and will encourage any listener to not only embrace but love every aspect of themselves. Kellalit will take listeners down into the darkest place they can put themselves in her new single. “Hollow Spine” is out now on all streaming platforms. 
Media Contact:
Amanda Pappalardo
Source: Kellalit