Keep In Touch With Your People In Your Network! Redneck Picker Missed The Boat! CRAP!

hey peeps…just a quick message about keeping in touch with your peeps in your i dropped the ball and it cost me money!! FAIL! I missed out on picker heaven on earth for silver, gold, pocket watches and more!! The sale i drove up to is one from a storage unit auction buyer. I made a video after this of him complaining and being resentful about all the TV shows!! I told him to quit whining and change up his GAME! Old school guys are really thick headed and were used to getting all the gravy. Well times they are a changing! I have few upcoming videos that include my rant about him, an interview with a storage auction buyer that has GAME and thinks outside of the box and an interview with a REAL and I mean REAL PICKER!! You talk about GAME..this cat has GAME! WOOT! Thank God and keep your head on a swivel! I want to thank everyone who likes my channel. I am a part time picker and a part time storage unit buyer. I appreciate all the support and truly hope I am helping some people out there!! I like to show people how to make money from home! You can seriously make money from Craigslist and Ebay. I have several other revenue streams too!! Garage sale, Estate Sales, Thrift stores and shops, swap meets, flea markets, rummage sales, storage shed auctions, auctions, online, goodwill stores and more!! I love the hunt and kill of this business!! You can make money as a picker! There is a plethora of resources out there!! You just have to have the motivation to get up

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