Keep Dog’s Paws Clean in the Most Effective and Efficient Way Possible With an Amazing New Tool Created by Bay Area Pit-Bull Doggy Parent.

Burrell of JSW Products created an efficient, easy to use and sanitarily effective dog paw cleaning tool. The City Paw Cleaner is the only paw cleaning tool that thoroughly cleans your dogs paw pads and paws without saturating the dog’s leg with water. While cleaning any part of a dog, including the paws, big messes can occur the City Paw is designed to prevent the mess before, during and after the cleaning process.  Also most cleaning tools can only be use once because of the dirt collected but the special design of the City Paw; users are able to use the paw cleaner on a dog numerous times without having to clean the tool itself. 
The City Paw is a cleaning tool that is best used on dogs that are walked in city and suburban-like environments which is where most dogs live. A lot of dog paw cleaning tools saturate the dog’s entire legs which suggest it is good for more rural area where dogs consistently walk in environments that get the dog super dirty. The City Paw is for everyday use after walks and play time outside.
The City Paw has a cleaning platform and spill guard enables the user to control the cleaning area without making a mess.  Within the platform sits a reusable silicone soft scrub pads which effectively but delicately scrubs dirt from the dog’s paws.  The spray bottle mechanism controls the water distribution on the dog’s paws. It is hard to clean an excited, energetic dog paw but with the sideways, easy-hold, easy maneuverable trigger handle the City Paw allows the users to use it in any angle or direction.
NC University investigated the presence of bacteria in households with dogs, compared to pet-free households. The dog homes had higher bacteria populations, representing a wider variety of bacteria.
This information represents the need to consistently clean a dog’s paws. The average dog gets walked multiple times a day through normal environments and every time a dog comes back to the house their paws brings in whatever the dog walks in.  With this frequency of paw cleaning, the tools used for paw cleaning have to endure a lot of use. Most cleaning tools get very dirty themselves and have to be cleaned or it can re-soil the paw. Using a cloth does not clean well enough and many times are very fragile.
JSW Products is very excited about the release of the City Paw because it will be a benefit to all dog owners to keep their dog’s paws clean also enabling their furniture and floors of the house to be sanitary.
Source: JSW Products