Kathy Doran Intuitive Business Consultant Honored With Two TITAN Business Awards

Kathy Doran Intuitive Business Consultant (KD-IBC) was honored with two 2021 TITAN Gold Business Awards in the categories of Management (Religion / Spirituality) and Entrepreneur (Religion / Spirituality). TITAN Business Awards honors Titan-like achievements from SMEs, large, public, and private organizations, spanning all industries, encompassing 28 countries worldwide with as many as 650 nominated entries.
“To be lauded with two TITAN Awards is just remarkable,” said Kathy Doran, President and CEO of KD-IBC. Ms. Doran added, “It is heart-warming for me to know that intuitive consultants are being officially recognized for their indispensable role in business strategy. I am grateful and honored to be part of the 2021 TITAN Awards and congratulate all the award winners.”
Details about the TITAN Awards and the list of 2021 winners are available at https://thetitanawards.com.
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Source: Kathy Doran Intuitive Business Consultant